Wednesday, A Hard Day’s Night

Stop by Revolution 9.9.9 at the Space Gallery on Polk for a celebration of the Beatles in pop culture. The Vows take the stage at 10 to perform two sets, one as the psychedelic Beatles and the other as the Fab Four. Stay until midnight for the Beatles look-a-like contest. ($9)

Tell the world about the Vivian Girls, the indie gal trio from Brooklyn. Dance to a refreshing blast of unself-conscious punk rock energy tonight at the Rickshaw Stop. ($12-$14)

Two opening nights! 1. SF Shorts: Film Mix 2/Destination Unknown at 7:30 and Film Mix 6/Truth and Dare at 9:30

2. the SF Fringe Festival 2009: Check out Landscape ($10), Legs and All ($10), and De Rerum Natura; or Love the One You Whip ($9).

Beatles Day at Amoeba from 11a – 8p. Expect DJ sets, trivia, a cover band, and a Beatles look-alike contest.  So best bring your Beatles A game, and who knows, spend all day there and maybe you’ll be able to answer the most important question of all: is Paul dead? (free)


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