No More Jaywalking

Watch out dear friends, word on the street is that the cops are cracking down on jaywalking (which is apparently a ticketable offense, or something). Dan wrote in to Mission Mission to warn us:

Just wanted to share a recent experience that I thought would never ever happen in the mission. On Sunday I got a ticket for jaywalking across Capp street at 18th!

Forget the fact that Capp street is barely wide enough to be a street (no offense) and that it’s between the much busier Mission and South Van Ness. Being Capp, there was probably a shooting, burning mattress, drug deal, other felony, or crime against humanity happening on every other single block of Capp. But the cops decided that the best use of their time was to fine me for crossing at the intersection on a red light. Never mind that there were no cars anywhere in sight. When I got halfway towards Mission a cop car stopped to my left, the cop got out and asked if he could talk to me. It took me a few minutes just to realize I had done something, and that he wasn’t asking if I had witnessed some murder. I don’t know if this was to meet a quota or what, but you could tell even the cop couldn’t take what he was doing seriously…


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