Thursday Night, Alright!

Chaat (Indian street food) night at Mission Street Food with Roger Feely of Soul Cocina. Prices range from $3-$7.5.

Channel your inner Martha Stewart and bake a pie for the Omnivore Books PIE CONTEST! And for aspiring Padma Lakshmis, show up, drop a fiver, and judge away.

Opening of the Indian Summer Art Explosion at 111 Minna. Background tunes provided by Destroyer (KISS tribute band), The Gypsey Moonlight Band, and Children of Time. ($10)

Day 2 of SF Shorts. Check out Film Mix 1/Flights of Fancy at 7:30 pm and Film Mix 5/Blight at 9:30 pm.

Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences. Check out Annie Laird and the Story of Stuff at 7:30 pm. Mingle to tunes by DJ Laird. ($12)

Make it rain at Epicenter Cafe tonight from 5 – 8 pm with Carrotmob SF. Spend some green to thank the cafe for its sustainable practices and encourage local businesses to follow suit.


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