Spin Class: Power Hour

Start the weekend RIGHT with this rad POWER HOUR mix from the DJs behind one of DC’s hottest parties, Noveau Riche.

A lot of people don’t know it, but DC goes really, really hard.  The vast majority of the people at Nouveau Riche are half out of their minds on cheap beer, literally hanging from the rafters, making out with the wrong guy/girl, falling into our DJ equipment, etc.  What is their secret to success?  The mythical POWER HOUR MIX.  All you have to do is take a drink every time a new song comes on—conveniently, once a minute—and you’re ready to go to Nouveau Riche.

Power Hour mixes are best with wild variations in genre/tempo/mood, as well as a lot of familiar favorites, and this mix has all of that.  And of course, many of the tunes and quotable snippets we’ve inserted encourage you to, um, get screwed up.  We hope you have as much fun drinking to this as we did making it…

DL the mix and peep the track listing.

(hat tip, DJ Lil’ El)


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