Is Market St the New Champs Elysee?

Today’s the last day (for at least 6 weeks, possibly forever) for you to drive your personal car east down Market Street toward the Ferry Building. Starting tomorrow, personal cars will be asked to turn at 6th and 8th streets (and given a $167 ticket for noncompliance).

According to local ABC affiliate KGO:

The vision is to eventually turn Market Street into one of the greatest thoroughfares in the world. It is an idea that has been kicked around for decades. One of its biggest boosters, the public policy think tank SPUR, says the street is not living up to its potential.

“When you go to international cities like Paris or Barcelona, you see that they have Champs Elysee. They have Las Ramblas. And, here in San Francisco, we could have our Champs Elyess. We could have our Las Ramblas, but we don’t yet,” said SPUR spokesperson Sarah Karlinsky.


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