it’s the eve of all hallows eve, and there’s so much fun to be had! the real question is, do you take it easy tonight in preparation for this weekend, or go all out and risk ruining that totally awesome halloween costume…

Blow Up Halloween! at Rickshaw w/DJ Kid606 and Gold Chains. ($10-$15)

Halloween Party at Grant and Green Saloon. (free)

Hella Douche Costume Party at 111 Minna. ($5+)

HallowEVE Party at Maggie McGarry’s w/SF Undercovers. (free)

Muni Diaries Live! Under the Influence at the Make Out at 7:30p. (free)

Art Burt//Princeton play Cafe du Nord at both 7:30p and 10:30p. ($16)

Sleepy Sun//The Antlers//Misty Mountain at the Independent at 9p. ($14)

Dark Side of the Uke at the Knock-Out. ($6)


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