Best Weekend Bets: Saturday

Get down to your fave TRL classics at Club 1994 at 111 Minna. ($10)

Cockblock: A Queer Dance Party for Homos and Friends at Rickshaw. ($5-$7)

Video Girls night at Madrone. ($5)

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

Garage a Trois at the Independent. ($20)

Joe Purdy//Meaghan Smith at Cafe Du Nord. ($15)

The Aquabats!//The Action Design//Monkey at Slim’s. ($18)

Captured! By Robots//Grayceon//Dirty Power at Bottom of the Hill. ($12)

Ty Segal//Culture Kids//The Baths//Dimples//CCR Headcleaner at Cafe Du Nord. ($6)

Writers with Drinks ft. Dan Fante, Joshua Mohr, Mark Coggins, Mollena Williams, Seanan McGuire at the Make-Out. ($3-$5)

We Are All Iran: A Literary Reading to Mark the 6 Month Anniversary of the Iranian Elections at the Koret Auditorium. (free)

Lost and Found: 13 Pieces of San Francisco at CantinaSF. (free)

Don that santa suit at the bottom of your closet for SantaCon.

Bazaar Bizarre: Not Your Granny’s Craft Fair at the SF County Fair Building in GG Park. ($2)

Parol Lantern Festival and Parade at Jessie Square. (free)


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