SF has the 5th worst commute in the entire country

The Daily Beast crunched some numbers and discovered that our glorious city has the fifth worst commute in the entire country. But hey, there are four suckers even worse off than we are (Los Angeles, Honolulu, Washington DC, and Austin).

#5, James Lick Freeway (US 101), San Francisco
Weekly hours of bottleneck congestion: 190
Worst bottleneck: I 80 Northbound, 4th St/5th St
Length of worst bottleneck: .52 mi
Weekly hours of congestion on worst bottleneck: 46
Speed of worst bottleneck when congested: 12.9 mph

The expert opinion: “I think it’s probably worse in the afternoon than in morning drives,” says Kim Wonderley, traffic reporter at KCBS 740. “There is another stretch of 280 that hits it and from that point up into San Francisco where it ends up joining Interstate 80 it’s a pressure point, no doubt about it.”

How do you deal with being stuck in traffic five days a week?

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