Pencil it in: Saturday Night

Jersey Situation: a Night at the Shore at Etiquette Lounge. (free – $5)

Fringe: An Indie Music Dance Party at Madrone. ($5)

Debaser’s 90s Hip Hop at the Knockout. ($5)

Three Kinds Of Stupid ft. Geographer at Rickshaw. ($10)

Haiti Aid: a Benefit for Haiti at Mezzanine. ($10 – $15)

El SuperRitmo at the Make-Out. ($7)

Wresting Revolution: Lucha Libra Night with 1000% Fuerte Strongman at John O’Connell High School. ($10)

Battlehooch || Judgement Day || The Hot Moon at Bottom of the Hill. ($10 – $12)

We Be The Echo || Ninja Academy || Say Bok Gwai at Hemlock. ($7)

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