Pencil it in: Friday Night

Opening Reception for The Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, & Water at City Art. (free)

Opening Reception for Face Value at 520 Haight. (free – $5)

Super Fun Dance Party at 111 Minna. ($10)

Rock Piano & Dirty Rotten Dance Party at  Madrone. ($5)

Night of the Oldies at the Knockout. ($2 – $4)

Booty at Rickshaw. ($10)

Loose Joints at the Make-Out. (free)

Nineteen Ninety Now at 330 Ritch. ($10 – $20)

The Thermals || Thao with the Get Down Stay Down || Grass Widow at the GAMH. ($17 – $19)

Stomacher || Mister Loveless || Mata Leon || Links at Cafe Du Nord. ($10)

Make Me || Schande || The Seizure at Hemlock. ($6)


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