The Notorious XX

San Francisco’s own wait what‘s debut album is absolutely brilliant. He mashes together Biggie and The XX in a way that I wouldn’t have thought possible. And best of all, he’s making it FREE for download. Go check it out now, seriously, you need to hear this.

From the release:

San Francisco, winter 2010: in an apartment with single-paned windows and poor heating, wait what put the finishing touches on his debut album, ‘the notorious xx.’ That’s where the story ends, but it’s not where it started.

It’s difficult to say how, when, or where wait what ‘formed,’ since no one ‘met at London’s Elliot School’ or ‘followed Sean Combs as he launched Bad Boy Records’ in this story. First, wait what is just one guy, and If you read his resume, it would tell you that he is 24, has been DJing for a couple years now, went to college in New York, is gainfully employed at a San Francisco tech company, and began work on original material sometime after he began DJing. Also, he listens to The xx and Biggie, and decided to put them together to create this album.

This collection of tracks is the first cohesive gathering that he feels comfortable dubbing his ‘debut.’ He created it after realizing that his plan to buy two iPods just to play The xx in one earbud and Biggie in the other wasn’t setting a good precedent of financial responsibility (he’s still reeling from the Apple Store’s 15% restocking fee)…


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