Ticket Giveaway: Pop-Up Magazine

Rumor has it that Pop-Up Magazine sold out right quick last week. But, luckily for you, we managed to snag a couple of tickets. And what better way to show our love and appreciation for you, dear friends, than to give them away, for free? All you have to do is write us an original San Francisco-inspired haiku in the comments section. We’ll pick our favorite next week and will make sure that lucky person has TWO tickets waiting at will call.

We’re waiting..

25 responses to “Ticket Giveaway: Pop-Up Magazine

  1. fog sun, fog fog, fog sun,
    burrito, whisky, uphill run,
    sun fog, fog fog, fog sun.

  2. dear san francisco,
    where are the squirrels ’round here?
    you got lots of nuts.

  3. My haiku is in front of you http://twitter.com/axelletess

    (by the way, one ticket is enough. I already have one for me. Then my Boyfriend complained :
    “-are you going there alone ?”.
    “-yes , I got the last one.”
    -“Nice. Being into a relationship includes doing things with each other for your information”
    -“Yes I know. That’s why my dear San Francisco and I can’t wait to see the show .)

  4. let’s sit down and dine
    but talk about our next feast
    that’s san francisco

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  6. SF sun, hello!
    Better than double rainbow
    Please come tomorrow

  7. Muni Haiku
    “Hey! Back door! Back door!”
    “Step down! Yes, you! Step down now–”
    (tripping down the stairs)

  8. where else but San Fran
    would tickets for a “live” zine
    require a haiku?

  9. Every Muni ride provides
    Abundant visual and auditory interest
    Riders and the ridden.

  10. Despise tourist traps
    SF has em by the dozen
    But cable car weeeeeeee

  11. walk to General
    baby homeless hipster jeans
    beauty is complex

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  13. Fogs reaching fingers
    PopUp teases. pleases
    Wonder wait satisfy

  14. Pop-up website down
    guess Chris Anderson was right
    web dead Pop-up lives

  15. Pop pop fizz fizz, oh
    Golden Gate guards Alka. Traz
    PopRocks. Lombard relief.

  16. Pop pop fizz fizz. Oh
    Golden Gate guards Alka. Traz
    PopRocks Coit. Relief.

  17. City by Bay. Warms.
    Gate’s golden. Pop charms, Welcomes.
    Magazine. Enchants. Wows

  18. Neighborhoods. Here there
    Sundry climate. Chills, Warms, Fogs
    Pop Up unfolds, thrills.

  19. Always high in San Fran
    ’cause low … a no go
    in the magic city

  20. San Francisco, Oh!
    A foggy delight you are
    Forget not – hobo

  21. natural gas cabs
    recycling bins everywhere
    so many hippies

  22. Historic buildings.
    Green mean recycle machine.
    Slick back Newsom hair.

  23. Fall Noe leaves blow
    Thinking caps rolling down hills
    No latte, please. Pop!

  24. Rolling hills and fog,
    Tourists, Yuppies, and Hipsters,
    City by the Bay.

  25. Fog, ideas, people
    Rolling in and out of town
    Live and let live place

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