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San Francisco Visitor Map

By: David Enos. Available for print here.


Overhead in SF…Thanksgiving Edition


OH in North Beach

I want to buy those pregnancy pants for thanksgiving.

OH at Trader Joe’s

Man on cellphone: I don’t know anyone not on 50 medications.

We hear you SF, now let us know what you’re hearing. []

Everyone’s Favorite Airline Host Steven Slater’s Thanksgiving Travel Tips










1. Dress to impress!: “While the days of pillbox hats and white gloves on airplanes may be gone forever, an elegant wardrobe paired with good manners is the hallmark of a classy traveler.”

2. No flip flops!: “We’re more likely to dote on refined customers than we are the T-shirt and flip-flop crowd.”

3. You’re not at a Motley Crue concert!: “Stylish travelers wait until their row is called instead of rushing the gate like the stage at a Motley Crue concert.”

4. Say hi!: “Say hello to the flight attendants. It’s amazing how many people will stare suspiciously at us before storming down the aisle in response to our smile and ‘Welcome aboard.’”

5. When we say “no electronics” we mean it!: “When we ask that electronic items be turned off, it’s because they can interfere with communication and navigation equipment, and we want to ensure we land in Miami, not Minneapolis.”

6. Clean up after yourself!: “It’s hard to scrape gum off the upholstery and retrieve dirty diapers from the seatback pockets and still look fresh for the next round of passengers.







Taster’s Choice Presents…Twin Shadow

It’s true there are more bands in Brooklyn than there are restaurants but yet the fact is there are some amazing bands that live and record there. MGMT, Freelance Whales, Here We Go Magic, etc. etc.

This new band straight out of Brooklyn doesn’t fail to impress. No plans for a show in SF yet, but we will keep you informed. For now, enjoy the sweet melody.

Twin Shadow | When Were Dancing

Overheard in SF

Happy rainy Friday.

OH at Mission and 18
We’ve got to move out here. I’m so sick of all those hills

OH at the MOMA:
He wanted to hang out in the Marina! Can you believe it?! He’s so frat-tastic.

OH at Montgomery BART

Two scantly clad girls: “Why would a girl like you be getting with a virgin anyway?

We hear you SF, now let us know what you’re hearing. []

Free Girl Talk: “ALL DAY”

If you ever get it to download, you can download Girl Talk’s last mp3 here.

Taster’s Choice Music Video Post….

Primary 1’s “Never Know”