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San Francisco Visitor Map

By: David Enos. Available for print here.


Overheard in SF…

OH on Polk St!

“She ordered a margarita on the rocks with lemon, in a WINE glass. You’d be horrified too.”

OH on Muni Bus!

White girls on the 45 bus: “Ohmygosh her fake id is for a black lady but it always works”

OH in Washington Square Park!

Tourist: “is this union square?”

OH on the 30!

Bus driver: “welcome to the love bus, that’s us…”

OH Ferry Building!

In line at Gott’s: “I hope this thing vibrates.”

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Overheard in SF…While the heat swelled

OH Russian Hill!

“I have a friend who found her spouse on a hot summer night like this. She walked past a stoop with two guys sitting out front, one guy asked her if she wanted a beer, and they’ve been together ever since.”

OH SF Indie Mart!

Hipster dude: I’m so confused. I just want a onesie.

Overheard SF….

Peete’s in Soma
|all retail establishments in san francisco are overly warm|

“fyi – if my OHs are lame, you don’t have to use them.. i promise it won’t hurt my feelings”

Circa during Sunday brunch:

brunch go-er to waitress “are the hashbrowns made with butter?”
waitress “they’re just like mcdonald’s hashbrowns”
brunch go-er “okay, i’d like an extra order, please”

Bathroom chatter

“He was so cheap he bought one glass of wine for the two of us.  I mean, who buys one glass of wine to split between two women? And it was only $7.”

Overheard @ YBCA

boy1: “what if you were in the mall when the zombies attack?”
girl: “it would be all over, there are too many entrances, windows.. not enough food”

Overheard in SF….

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-Craft bar at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art
“i’ll have a craft cart at dolores park with an inadequate supply of craft supplies, then you have a cart with overpriced supplies and sell them next to my cart”

Daily SF Peep: Booty

by flickr user George (creative commons license)

Daily SF Peep: Please Call Paula

by flickr user almostjaded (creative commons license)

Polk Street